The Magic Banana Launches This Month

TORONTO  The Magic Banana, a new self-exploration tool designed for women by a woman, will be launching this month.

The company said the tool is unique in that it can be used as both a pleasure or strengthening product.

“It’s great that women are starting to talk about the need for self-exploration," said Janeson Rayne, the creator of the Magic Banana.

"In recent months, highly influential people in the media, like Oprah and Dr. Oz, have been addressing questions around the G-spot. My hope is that, this amazing tool is encouraging women to explore the joy of their own bodies more and more.”

Rayne’s background as a yoga educator, veggie chef, artist, inventor and mom played an important part in bringing the Magic Banana to life. 

The Magic Banana features a flexible loop with a gentle upwards curve and a patented design.

The comany said the squeezing action on the loop provides a unique and pleasurable way to build inner strength, while the curve gives stimulation for the G-Spot. The Magic Banana has an approachable, soft and pliable design, with no mechanical parts and requiring no batteries or charging.

“Enhanced muscle control, and knowing how to give and receive orgasmic pleasure from yourself, increases responsiveness and self-confidence, both in bed and in life,” Rayne said.

The Magic Banana idea was first presented by Rayne on CBC’s The Dragon’s Den in 2006. Since then, she has partnered with international designers to realize her  design and has moved production to the U.K., noting that quality and safety are paramount when manufacturing a product of this nature.

The Magic Banana will launch this month and will be available at specialty boutiques and online retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

Sexy Living, a supplier of sensual and intimate products, has been appointed as the exclusive North American distributor for the product.