Boulevard Distro Streets 'Seed in Your Weed'

MISSION HILLS, Calif. — Boulevard Distribution has announced the release of its new series of mainstream adult DVDs entitled “Seed in Your Weed.”

The company said “Seed in Your Weed” will be the first title following the adventures of Felix, played by newcomer Gunnar Mac, and his dog, Santiago.

Tabitha James plays Felix's long-suffering girlfriend. Tia, Lizzy London, Anya Wood and Frank Bluntz are also featured in the film. Wanda Lust and Bat Flye have cameo roles as judge and prosecutor.

Theodore J. Skeeb created original music for the film.

"Ends do meet in this video, as well as fronts," said Andy Goode, owner of Boulevard Films.

“After an unfortunate accident while packaging the pot, it is discovered that the stuff is a strong aphrodisiac. And that’s where the title ‘Seed In Your Weed’ came from.”

“Seed in Your Weed” is slated to be released in time for spring break at the end of this month or the beginning of April.