COLT Releases 'Uniform Men' on DVD, VOD

SONOMA, Calif. — COLT Studio Group has released "Uniform Men" on DVD and VOD.

Director Kristofer Weston brings back this classic theme by putting the COLT men in their dress finest from a fireman, a captain, to an officer or a gentleman.

The COLT crew takes viewers behind-the-scenes, giving them a close look into the making of the company's COLT Uniform Calendar.

The company lets the cameras roll as the COLT men in uniform indulge in their fantasies.

"Since our conception back in 1967, COLT has always been synonymous with men in uniform both in our annual calendars, magazines and movies," President John Rutherford said

"We know that this behind the scenes look into COLT Men making magic in uniforms will be a huge success with our loyal customers and beyond."

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