Former Gay Star Collin O'Neal Allowed to Teach

Nelson Ayala

ORLANDO — Collin O'Neal, the former gay adult star fired from his job as a substitute high school teacher in Miami, is now free to reapply for his teaching certification. The ruling was made today in Orlando by the Florida Education Practices Commission.

O'Neal, the star and producer behind "World of Men," a popular gay adult travel series in which he visits exotic, but unglamorous, locations such as Lebanon and Serbia to sample the native flavor, quit the adult industry and his own production company Collin O'Neal Productions in 2010 to begin a career as an educator.

He was suspended in January of 2011 when Nautilus Middle School principal Allyn Bernstein discovered explicit photos of O'Neal on The Florida Department of Education revoked his teaching certification in April, citing a breaching of the moral turpitude clause found in his contract. 

O'Neal, whose legal name is Shawn Loftis, can now apply to be a full-time teacher, but will be placed on two year’s probation, said the commission.