Ron de Jeremy Rum Launches in Australia

Nelson Ayala

SYDNEY — Ron Jeremy is set to launch his seven-year-old Panamanian rum, Ron de Jeremy, this month in Australia. To promote the event, the 58-year-old porn legend is looking to crash a few parties in Sydney on March 17.

Fans interested in meeting Jeremy are asked to invite him to a party, or any other fan-hosted social event, by friending him at and then emailing him an invitation to their proposed shindig.

The five most intriguing invites will be chosen by Jeremy, who will then drop by to socialize and share a case of Ron de Jeremy.

"Just simply say why you want to hang out with me, and I'll hang out with you," explained Jeremy. "I'll choose the ones that are most creative, or cute in their writing."

Ron de Jeremy is a molasses-based rum that is distilled in Panama by noted distiller Francisco "Don Pancho" Fernandez and then aged for seven years in oak barrels before being bottled at 80 proof.

Jeremy, who in 2007 endorsed Ron Jeremy's XXX Hot Sauce, introduced the rum in 2011. To see the Ron Downunder promotional spot, go here.