Vivid's Hirsch in Editorial Debate With AHF's Weinstein

Rhett Pardon

LOS ANGELES — Vivid Entertainment's Steve Hirsch has changed the most minds on the L.A. condom issue in an editorial debate and interactive poll on

In the editorial debate, Hirsch faces off against the AIDS Healthcare Foundation's Michael Weinstein, both of whom write 700-word essays.

HuffingtonPost readers are asked to weigh in on pre- and post-debate polls over the question: Should condoms be required in porn? So far Hirsch has changed the most minds — by 8 percent   

"Vivid's entire business depends on the health and safety of our performers," Hirsch wrote. "We make that a priority and our methods have proven effective."

Hirsch called the ordinance an example of "government overreach, of regulation without knowledge, guided by misinformation and misplaced morality." 

"Dealing with how the city of Los Angeles can enforce regulations that are virtually unenforceable will lead to the predictable new committee tasked with solving the unsolvable. What does the city intend to do, deploy a battalion of 'condom police'?"