A.L. Enterprises Launches CB-X Brand

Ariana Rodriguez

LAS VEGAS — A.L. Enterprises, a leading manufacturer of male chastity devices, as launched its official brand, CB-X Male Chastity.

According to the company, the focus on an umbrella brand, which will include all of the company’s current and future offerings, is to help retailers explain the CB-X product line to customers and solidify the brand against bootleggers.

“Up until now we have been know as CB-6000, but that is actually a model number for one of our products, not the brand itself,” CB-X Corporate Director Nikki Yates said. “CB-X Male Chastity will represent our entire line, not an individual product number. With the growth of the company in the market and new products in development we felt now was the time to make these changes. In addition to building a stronger company image, CB-X will allow us to better protect our customers against being fooled by imposters.”

Currently the CB-X Male Chastity brand includes six products including the CB-6000, CB-6000 Designer Collection, CB-6000S, CB-3000, The Curve, and the PA-5000, a chastity device for men who have a “Prince Albert” piercing. The company website has been overhauled to reflect the brand including the main URL: www.cb-x.com.

“People will start to see the branding on all new packaging moving forward,” Yates said. “We will update our booth at the tradeshows with the new logo and use the brand in all future advertising. We encourage anyone who has questions about these changes or about our products to contact us for help.”

To learn more about CB-X Male Chastity devices or to place an order, email info@cb-x.com.