Doc Johnson Releases Super Sucker 2.0

Ariana Rodriguez

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Doc Johnson has released the Super Sucker 2.0, featuring a multi-function bullet in its specialized base.

The Super Sucker 2.0 is a male masturbator made with Doc Johnson’s UR3 material designed with a closed end to create a sucking sensation.

According to the company, the innovation of the latest model lies in its multi-function bullet that Doc Johnson has placed inside a testicle stimulating cushion at the base. The plush ergonomic design allows for the multi-function vibrations to deliver stimulation directly to the user’s balls, without overstimulation, the company said.

“You’ve really got to see it to appreciate how innovative and intuitive the design is,” Doc Johnson COO Chad Braverman said. “We’ve had such a high level of success with our first generation Super Sucker, and we knew we had to continue development with a new masturbator that has specialized features. We’ve placed the multi-function bullet in just the right spot for maximum impact, in conjunction with an ergonomic design and intense suction; this toy is poised to make a powerful impact in the male masturbators segment of the market.”

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