AdultCentro Market Integrates MechBunny Delivery

Ariana Rodriguez

CYBERSPACE — The library of adult content available from AdultCentro Market’s seller community is now compatible with and available for MechBunny delivery.

“With so many sites powered by Mechbunny, the integration of AdultCentro Market makes it easier than ever for site owners to buy content for their tubes without the additional hassle and time-consuming process of uploading content,” the company said.

With the latest integration, MechBunny users can now seamlessly take delivery of content purchased via Adultcentro Market directly to their MechBunny installation.

This service is included at no cost as part of AdultCentro's instant digital delivery options. According to the company, the latest development to the AdultCentro Market further enables the success of content sold on its platform.

With a significant amount of prospective content buyers utilizing MechBunny software to create tube sites and websites, integration opens the doors to business for entrepreneurs and content sellers alike.

“AdultCentro Market’s mission is to succeed as a trusted purveyor of content rights licensing while offering speedy delivery and quality to bolster the relationships and revenues of buyers and sellers worldwide through limitless business opportunities,” the company said.

The AdultCentro Market offers content for the web, mobile, IPTV, broadcast, cable or any other type of adult content format.