Hardtv Announces Sponsors of Upcoming Premiere Episode

TORONTO — Hardtv has released the final list of sponsoring companies for the upcoming first episode of its entertainment news and variety program.

Hardtv is set to air/stream on March 8 on Naked Sword, Squirt.org and the hardtv cable channel in Canada.

The hour-long program, which is broken into four viewing portions, will feature the following four presenting sponsors: The 2012 Grabby Awards, Steamworks Baths, Realtouch and Squirt.org.

The list of segment sponsors includes: Bel Ami, Fleshjack, Cocky Boys, Aneros, Lucas Entertainment, Naked Sword, CB-6000 Male Chastity Products, Raging Stallion, Bijou Video, Falcon Studios, GuideMag.com and Bumptv.com.

“This will be the first time such a visually cutting-edge, provocative and erotic show has been created to entertain, arouse and inform the gay consumer about all things XXX,” said Brett Drysdale, Hardtv creator and executive producer.

The monthly program is hosted by porn stars Jeremy Feist, Ryan Russell and Eddie Stone and will feature previews and segments on various brands, products and events from the gay adult entertainment industry.

“We’ve got some amazing segments with a lot of hot guys doing some pretty crazy stuff,” Feist said.

Filming for episode 1 wrapped up last week and episode 2, which is to air/stream on April 13 is already in pre-production.

“There is a lot of work involved in putting this kind of show together especially when you are just starting out but already I have companies calling me on a daily basis who have heard about the program wanting to know how they can get their product or movies or event featured in the show," Drysdale said. "This is exactly what we were hoping for.”

Drysdale said although the opportunity to be a sponsor on the premiere episode is closed, he welcomes inquiries from the industry for future episodes.

“I had to stop accepting sponsors," he said. "We have tried hard to creatively integrate the products of the sponsors into the content of the show along with their segment spots but we had to set a limit. I’m very pleased to point out that several sponsors have already signed up for episode 2 and beyond. It’s a tough marketing environment out there these days but these companies are smart, they still know that sex sells.”

For more information, contact Drysdale at brett.drysdale@xtra.ca.