Kansas Bans Adult Billboards

Michael Hayes
TOPEKA, Kan. — Gov. Kathleen Sebelius recently signed a bill restricting outdoor advertisements for strip clubs, adult video stores and other sexually-oriented businesses.

SB 35, or the billboard law as it is commonly known, limits the size and location of adult-oriented billboards.

Under the law, an adult business within one mile of a state highway, as most are, is limited to two billboard signs. One sign, which may not exceed 40 square feet, can display only the business name, address, telephone number and hours of operation. The second sign, required under the law, must state that the property is off-limits to minors.

Businesses that currently display signs that exceed the maximum legal size will have three years to bring themselves into compliance.

This recent bill comes amid moves at the state and local level to restrict adult establishments within Kansas.

Local groups opposing adult-oriented businesses have begun circulating petitions demanding that grand jury indictments be brought against adult business owners for obscenity.

As XBIZ reported earlier, the Kansas House of Representatives already is considering another bill that would levy a 25 percent tax on products sold at adult-oriented businesses.

Last summer, at the urging of a group called Operation Southwind, the Wichita City Council placed new zoning restrictions on adult businesses intended to make it impossible for eight of the city’s 15 adult retail stores to continue operating legally.