JuicyAds Reports Widespread Adoption of Mobile Traffic Solution

Lyla Katz

TORONTO —  Advertising network JuicyAds.com announced that the company is seeing widespread adoption of its mobile traffic solution and that 75 percent revenue sharing is a permanent part of the solution.

“JuicyAds is an industry leader in monetizing mobile traffic, generating some juicy payouts for us,” said Terron of porn outlet Badoink.  “The bottom line is that the traffic from JuicyAds is simply better and more profitable because of the permanent 75 percent revenue share.  Since the launch of the JuicyAds’ killer new mobile traffic platform, we’ve been able to increase revenues even more by effectively targeting our customers anywhere, anytime.”

The company said that while the JuicyAds mobile traffic platform allows for self-service, a JuicyAds representative manages all JuicyAds’ mobile campaigns and clients speak directly with their representative about results and changes during their various initiatives. 

Additional benefits include a functionality that allows easy copy and paste of beginner JavaScript to any website to add mobile capabilities and an advanced mobile URL for clients who want to use their own detection scripts.  Juicy ads will also send client traffic that they cannot sell to any desired URL, the company said.

“Putting client profitability first has always kept JuicyAds one step ahead of the competition and there are no smoke and mirrors,” said Juicy Jay, founder and president of JuicyAds.  

“We offer the highest revshare to our publishers on an everyday basis — 75 percent on both our mobile platform and our original banner advertising platform.”

According to the company, the 75 percent is the standard and good for the life of all client relationships.

The company said that growing demand for buying and selling mobile traffic in the adult sector played a primary role in development of Juicy’s mobile platform, and the 75 percent revenue share is on par with the company’s lifelong mantra, “Where Client Profits Matter.”