Miss FreeOnes 2012 Registration Begins

Bob Johnson

THE NETHERLANDS — FreeOnes announced today that registration for the 2012 edition of Miss FreeOnes has begun.

The annual contest will start on April 9 and is open to any adult model, porn star, or cam girl that has a section on FreeOnes.

Perfromers can compete for a total of $30,000 in prize money.

“We’re really pleased to finally announce the registration of the 2012 contest,” said Petra, the contest coordinator. “The past two competitions have been extremely successful with both the girls in the adult industry and their fans. Since the conclusion of the 2011 contest, I’ve had a lot of new girls coming into the industry write us or tweet us asking when they can enter the next contest. They’re starting to see this as a great way to promote their name.”

The company said that in 2010, only 200 models had signed up for the Miss FreeOnes competition while in 2011, the number of contestants almost tripled due to the addition of six new categories.

“We decided to add categories to last year’s contest because we felt that a lot of girls within the industry didn’t register for the 2010 because they felt they couldn’t compete with girls like Bree Olson and Sophie Dee. By giving them a chance to compete on a smaller scale against other girls in a particular category, like the Best Adult Model or Cam Girl, girls who don’t do boy/girl porn, or only cam for a living, can still participate,” Petra said.

“Seeing how the contest registration almost doubled from 2010, I count the addition of categories a success for both Miss FreeOnes and the girls who were able to continue to compete after not making it to the next Miss FreeOnes round,” Petra added.

The 2012 contest will also allow contestants to change the photo on their Miss FreeOnes biography page.

“One of the biggest chores from the past two contests has been the contestant photos. Even if the girls gave us a photo to use, the next round they’d request that it’s updated or changed. However, this year, when a contestant is logged in she will be able to do it herself. I’m sure there will be several contestants using this to write messages to her fans, and based on feedback from last year, they notice this kind of attention to detail,” Petra noted.

Registration for the Miss FreeOnes contest will close March 31.

For more information or questions about contest registration, email info@missfreeones.com.