As You Like It Launches Online Store, Promotes Ecosexuality

PORTLAND — Sex toy store As You Like It has launched its online webstore.

Queer owned and operated, As You Like It says it brings ecosexuality to the forefront of the sex toy market and prides itself on its sustainable practices and its support for local activism.

As You Like It offers rechargeable, recyclable, body safe products in an online environment that is gender and sexuality inclusive, sex positive and educational.

“As You Like It strives to get toxic toys out of the bedroom,” the company said.

“We pledge to offer toys free of phthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals and other unsafe materials. Our lubes and lotions are made from body-safe ingredients.”

The company said products are sourced local first to reduce the use of shipping fuels and support local businesses.

The online webstore offers a gender inclusive spread of toys (including a section dedicated to Gender Expression), and also features a Perineum/Taint section containing toys that can be used to stimulate this part of the body.