Pleasure Dynasty Featured in CNBC Article

Bob Johnson

MIAMI — Pleasure Dynasty / PD Films, LLC (PD)  is the focus of a recent feature article on that talks about adult industry investment opportunities.

The CNBC story, “The Porn Producer on Your Block,” notes how outside investors can learn from industry professionals, add the title “film producer” to their resumes and possibly see a lucrative return on their investments.

With the help of PD, investors can get into adult for as little as $20,000 but most opt for a $60,000 buy in, according to the report.

PD owner, Carlos Cavera, said his clients range from club owners to Wall Street risk managers.

“Porn companies have always been interested in the girl next door, but now there’s a company that’s taking an interest in her parents,” contributor Chris Morris wrote.  “Pleasure Dynasty is trying something new in the industry: opening the filmmaking process up to outside investors and letting them add the title of adult film producer to their resume … most adult entertainment companies are firmly closed to ‘civilians,’ the industry’s term for outsiders.”

Mentioned in the article is Jesse Jama, who invested $100,000 in the company and created his own studio — Jama Entertainment.

Jama will soon see the release of his first movie, “Zorro XXX: A Pleasure Dynasty Parody,” as well as the potential profits to go along with it.

PD said the media and consumer anticipation for Jama’s first movie is already strong, as popular geek chic website recently debuted the movie’s cover and production stills on its website.

After financing three films, Jama has yet to see a return on his investment, the report said, however early numbers are “encouraging.”

Cavero’s company, acting as a facilitator, takes 34 percent of profits.

PD Films, the business side of Pleasure Dynasty, provides every aspect of what investors need to start their own adult entertainment business, according to the company. It also creates business plans for investors, produces original content, organizes distribution of finished movies, utilizes future technologies and distribution platforms, and markets products to capitalize on demand.

In addition, PD Films shares its network of service providers and assists with legal advice.

Cavero said, “PD Films is one of the most fascinating ways to invest one’s money right now … maybe ever. Investors with a love of adult film can use their money to make even more money, as well as be a part of creating something special. We facilitate relationships and place investors like Jesse Jama with a director, distributor, editor, replicator, marketing specialist, and legal team, so he can produce a movie like ‘Zorro XXX.’”

The article pointed out that PD’s reach in addition to traditional DVD distribution includes VOD, broadcast and IPTV.

PD is also developing an app for the Boxee set-top box, the article noted.