Doc Johnson Creates Buzz at ANME, XBIZ Retail

Ariana Rodriguez

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Doc Johnson made a splash this month with its booth at the AMNE show and XBIZ Retail, where retailers and distributors, both domestic and international, were treated to 100-plus new Doc Johnson products on display, including several full lines and new display units.

Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson COO, said he was pleased with the feedback.

“We were thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive response we received at ANME and XBIZ Retail,” he said. “WonderLand had a powerful impact and was certainly the talk of the show. We saw great reactions to our new Black Rose light-BDSM line and for the revamped Vac-U-Lock packaging. The insights of the industry are invaluable to us; there is so much to be learned by the first impressions and comments from our customers as we show them our newest products.”

The new offerings include the sophisticated Black Rose line of light BDSM products and the revamped packaging for Vac-U-Lock harness systems, for which the Doc sales team said it received glowing feedback. A newly refreshed School of Doc series of five educational pamphlets and holder are ready to ship and are free of charge. The School of Doc offers education for both staff and end-consumers, giving overviews on everything from materials to vibrators and lubricants.

Doc Johnson also unveiled its WonderLand massager line featuring five distinct designs that are made of body-safe silicone, and feature 10 functions, push-button controls and a waterproof design. According to the company, the buzz started at the ANME meet-and-greet with Doc Johnson staff appearing as characters related to the fantasy theme of WonderLand and didn’t stop until the booth was taken down, and the pre-order numbers demonstrated the strong response.

“The recently concluded ANME show was an overwhelming success for Doc Johnson. The response to our January collection was beyond expectation and resulted in a record number of pre-orders,” Doc’s sales manager Greg Holdridge said. “The newly launched Wonderland line is simply amazing, and the in-store support will redefine merchandising. Our couples-friendly light BDSM line, Black Rose, was a hit for the look, quality, and excellent pricing. With additions to our staple brands, such as Platinum, Mood and GoodHead, we focused on category expansion in a proven format. The newly repackaged Vac-U-Lock line boasts a new ‘it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3’ marketing campaign to support the even easier to understand color-coded numbering artwork treatment — a dream come true for retailers and consumers.”

Rounding out the tradeshows was the 2012 XBIZ Awards, with Doc Johnson CEO Ron Braverman receiving the Industry Pioneer XBIZ Award, which was presented with the award by his son, Doc Johnson COO Chad Braverman.  

On receiving this symbolic award, Ron Braverman, founder and CEO of Doc Johnson, said: “It’s an honor to be recognized by my peers as a pioneer in this industry. I have spent most of my life building a business that has maintained a leadership position in manufacturing adult products right here in America — it hasn’t always been easy. Doc Johnson has grown over 35 years to now employ 500 people and house facilities that occupy over 250,000 square feet — nothing is more validating than coming to work every day and seeing my vision realized. This is proof that hard work and quality products can truly make a company prosper. I am excited about the future of Doc Johnson; we have a diverse and talented team of people that I have cultivated over the years. Vital changes are being made at Doc Johnson, and across the industry as a whole. It’s an invigorating time for all of us.”