National Multimedia Ad Campaign for Forgiven Alcohol Metabolizer Launches

Ariana Rodriguez

LAS VEGAS — A new advertising campaign promoting Forgiven Alcohol Metabolizer, distributed by RH Laboratories, debuted this month online and on national television with the roll out of a national radio campaign coming within weeks.

This campaign is the manufacturer’s first promoting the alcohol metabolizer — a dietary supplement designed to boost the body’s natural ability to process alcohol and prevent hangovers the morning after. According to the company, in the initial clinical trial, subjects sobered up as much as five times faster and didn’t experience nausea, headache, or dizziness afterwards.  

The television spot is running on an array of networks with an emphasis on male-skewing programming, the company . The radio segment of the campaign reflects a similar strategy.
“Now that we’re in major national retailers like CVS and GNC, our goal is to familiarize people with the product,” says Forgiven Bottling Group owner, Chas Aday. “Once people try the product, they fall in love. They never drink without it again, and they tell their friends.”

In August, RockHard Labs forged a partnership with the owners of Forgiven, which includes MTV host and BMX rider TJ Lavin, to be its exclusive distributor.

Forgiven’s ingredients include amino acids Cysteine and Glutamine, which is one of the body’s natural stimulants that convert the acids responsible for hangover symptoms into harmless acetic acid. Additionally, Forgiven contains organic acids that offer electrolytes, and vitamin B1.

RH Laboratories manufactures RockHard Weekend, an all-natural male sexual performance enhancer and Pandora, an all-natural sex enhancer for women.