Mustang Ranch Resort to Have Grand Opening Friday

SPARKS, Nev. — Lance Gilman and Madam Susan Austin have announced the Grand Opening of the new Mustang Ranch Resort with a celebration set for this Friday beginning at 4 p.m.

The world famous Mustang Ranch Resort has expanded to include the former Wild Horse Brothel facilities located on the same scenic acreage as the original Mustang Ranch brothel just east of Reno.

The new combined $15 million property features a 60,000 square foot facility, a renowned restaurant, two bars, two cabarets with live dancers, swimming pools and spas, 10 luxury suites and 60 private bedrooms. There is also 13 acres of secure parking for 18-wheelers with showers and amenities for truckers.

Last November, Storey County officials revoked the license for the Wild Horse, but later approved an expanded license for the Mustang Ranch on Jan. 3. During the interim, Madam Susan Austin upgraded many of the facilities in the already lavish brothel complex.

The Grand Opening begins at 4 p.m. for guests 18 years of age or older with guided tours, live music, a champagne reception and souvenirs.

The Mustang Ranch Resort is off I-80 east of Reno at Exit 28. Visit
for more information.