Adventure Industries Introduces Kratomite E-Cig

Ariana Rodriguez

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. — At the ANME Show and XBIZ Retail in Burbank, Calif., adult distributor unveiled Kratomite E-Cigarettes, which delivers Kratom, a medicinal herb that has a concentration of alkaloids that interact with opioid receptors.

E-cigarettes’  “use anywhere” convenience is often touted, however none have offered users herbal enhancement, the company said.

“The whole experience is really calming,” Adventure Industries’ Jereme Cohen said. “They smoke like a real cigarette, but the addition of the Kratom really allows you to relax and enjoy it all.”

According to the company, retailers who have grown accustomed to the impulse-buy appeal of e-cigarettes will see success with Kratomite.

“From the exciting counter display to the great price point, retailers are going to love these things,” Cohen said. “These are a sure way to build repeat business.”

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