C1R Releases ‘Spitting Image: Twin Trouble’ on C1R.com

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Channel 1 Releasing has released “Spitting Image: Twin Trouble” exclusively on its website.

Directed by Chi Chi LaRue, the sexual thriller stars identical twins Liam and Luca Rosso who act as sexual spirits. Also cast in the movie are Dylan Roberts, Trey Turner, Jonny Rock, Connor Maguire and more.

"I love using ghosts to tell stories," LaRue said. "I've used them before in some of my classic films like ‘Unknown’ and ‘In His Dreams.’ The formula works for me, especially with two ripped and gorgeous twins like Liam and Luca."

The Channel 1 Releasing companies include Rascal, All Worlds, Catalina, and Dirk Yates along with LiveandRaw.com, ChiChiLaRue.com, Malevault.com, and DirkYates.com.