Fun Factory Offers QR-Coded Promo Material

Ariana Rodriguez

BURBANK, Calif. – Fun Factory has added QR technology into its point-of-sale materials that allow customers to access product videos directly from their smartphones.

“Fun Factory believes in raising the bar for customer service to the highest levels, and, as such, we believe in continuously updating our promotional material to meet the demands of new and exciting technological advances,” Fun Factory USA’s Emilie Rosanvallon said. “While we will continue with the usual point of sale items, such as floor samples, stands, and cards, we will also focus on using more innovative and interactive marketing techniques. The first step in this direction is our new QR barcodes.”

The display cards also list the features of a toy, as one would find on an online storefront, the company said.

A QR code located on a corner of the card can be scanned to access an informational YouTube video about the product.

“This brings an element of privacy to customers who do not prefer to ask questions directly, while also serving as an effective conversation starter between customer and sales associate,” the company said.