System JO Launches DONA by JO Bath, Body Products

VALENCIA, Calif. — System Jo has launched DONA by JO, an aphrodisiac-infused line of 20 bath and body products designed to be experienced as a step by step ritual.

Created by women for women, DONA products are intended to provide the ultimate pampering experience, the company said. In addition to serving the basic functions of cleansing and moisturizing, DONA offers a sensual element.

Created as a ritual, DONA by JO is meant to guide individuals along a sensual journey consisting of five steps: relax, cleanse, nourish, illuminate and engage.

Every DONA product is created with natural and naturally derived ingredients such as ginseng, Dead Sea salts, hemp seed and beeswax that are all obtained from renewable resources, making them eco-friendly and biodegradable.

“We are very excited to launch this dynamic product line into the market,” said Ashley Sandau, System JO consumer affairs. “DONA by JO is so different than anything else out there and, because each product is natural, paraben-free, and without harsh chemicals, it’s a very pure line that consumers can trust and feel comfortable using.”

The full line is currently being released nationwide.

System JO started out as a division of the pharmaceutical company United Consortium in 2003. Consisting only of a selection of personal lubricants at the time, JO has since expanded to include stimulation products and an array of personal care products..

“With System JO, we’ve always prided ourselves on making the highest quality products — we’ve done nothing less with the DONA line,” said Sandau. “And not only that, but we’ve made sure to price each DONA product so that consumers really can purchase and experience the full ritual.”

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