Baci Lingerie Opens Miami Showroom

Ariana Rodriguez

MIAMI — Baci Lingerie has announced the opening of its flagship U.S. showroom, located in the heart of the Miami Design District.

“The showroom is the realization of Baci Lingerie’s affordable luxury motto, and is home to all of the beautiful fixtures, concepts, and products that are uniquely Baci Lingerie,” the company said. “The showroom was developed exclusively for the purpose of catering to mono brand store owners. It serves as the ultimate tool for Baci Lingerie brand owners and potential partners as it brings the Baci Lingerie mono brand store concept to life.”

Baci Lingerie’s showroom feature specially designed fixtures, music, scents and point-of-sale materials and merchandise, and is used as an example of how to best display new products, utilize Baci Lingerie marketing and advertising concepts, the company said.

Baci Lingerie’s exclusive brand owners have access to the company’s formula and mono-brand store owners are encouraged to use the showroom as a tool to sculpt the look of their locations.

“Since the Miami showroom’s doors have opened, it has generated even more invaluable information to the success of Baci Lingerie and its 20 already open mono brand stores,” the company said. “This information continues to inspire innovation for the brand and will be utilized in Baci Lingerie’s 1,350 signed licenses for stores worldwide.”

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