Pink Visual, AEBN 'Pron Party' Grabs Mainstream Attention at CES Show

Bob Johnson

LAS VEGAS — Pink Visual and AEBN’s co-hosted, “Pron Party” that offered porn-hungry tech geeks the sexier side of technology, grabbed mainstream media attention at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week.

In what was described as a "tech forward" event at the swanky Venetian Hotel’s V Bar late Tuesday, Pink Visual CEO Allison Vivas told the Sydney Morning Herald, "We want to break down the stigma. There is no reason that adult entertainment can't be a mainstream event and be represented professionally to adult consumers."

VIP party guests got to play “find my breasts” on porn star Lexi Belle’s Pink Visual-loaded iPad hanging around her neck.

Fellow star Alexis Texas said, "Technology has gone so wide these days that you could watch my scenes online right now on your smartphone or on Lexi's chest. This is the new wave of the market and it is where we are going. The internet is what is in; so we go back to the drawing board and find ways to give people what they want and make money at the same time."

But with all of the tech T&A aside, Vivas — described as "a nice woman from Connecticut who believes in what she does" — had a more serious message to deliver.

Vivas told CNET,  "This generation of girls aged 18 to 22 is the first that doesn't think porn is something dirty that their boyfriends do behind their backs."

CNET reported on Vivas’ porn career, documenting her journey from applying at an Internet marketing company that turned out to be a porn company, to her current role as a tech-savvy top adult executive — with a mission.

Vivas told the SMH she believes that porn is normal and that the world — especially the female world — is turning her way and that Pink Visual is beginning to target its online products towards couples, as well as single users.

"You'd be amazed what some people want a porn star to do. For example, some might want her just to touch her knee. Some might want her to scratch her nose," Vivas said.

Co-host AEBN was also on hand to stimulate the private party’s tech and sex curious attendees with its RealTouch device.

AEBN project director Scott Rinaldo told the SMH about the integration of RealTouch’s recent live Internet camera feeds as Kirsten Price demonstrated the “teledildonics” technology.

"It strokes, it squeezes, it heats and it lubricates all on its own. We spent the last couple of years refining the dildo," Rinaldo said.

"You can do it over the Internet with your wife, your partner, a live cam model or whoever," he added.

Pink Visual’s sex simulator software that lets users play out fantasies with 3D animated avatars, was also mentioned in the reports.

"We are going after the geeks who love games and the geeks who love porn," said Pink Visual marketing director Lee Busick. "You can become the director of your own sex scenes."

Vivas pointed out that the adult industry need to constantly stay in tune in tune with technologies that include the smartphone, tablets, live video chats, and anti-piracy tools.

"Technology has to be used in adult entertainment if we are going to be competitive," Vivas said. "It is interesting for us to check out CES and see what is going on there."