Lavender Lounge Studios Streets ‘Muscle Bear Cub: Volume 3’

COTATI, Calif. — Lavender Lounge Studios has released “Muscle Bear Cub: Volume 3.”

The company describes the title as a hardcore DVD featuring hairy men that fit the category of bears but in a smaller, more athletic package.

“I coined the term muscle bear cub to describe guys that I am personally attracted to,” producer Mark Kliem said. “I believe a lot of guys in the bear community prefer younger, smaller bears who lean more toward muscle than chub. That’s the type of guys I choose for Muscle Bear Cub videos.”

The DVD “Muscle Bear Cub: Volume 3” contains four scenes featuring established porn stars Dak Ramsey and Fyerfli, Mickey Davenport, Tommy Lazzari and Tom Ass.

“My style of directing is to do the least amount of directing necessary,” Kliem said. “I just hold the camera and let the models do what comes naturally to them. It makes the scene more real and believable if the models can concentrate on enjoying themselves rather than listening for directions.”

Lavender Lounge Studios recently relaunched its flagship website, with brand new scenes shot in HD. Along with the companion site to the DVD series,, Lavender Lounge Studios also operates offering gay porn magazines and movies from the '50’s through the '70’s.

“Muscle Bear Cub: Volume 3” is available through