Euro Producer Sues Pacific Sun Entertainment

Rhett Pardon

LOS ANGELES — The European gay producer of Spritzz and Young Bastards, as well as distributor of Sneaker Sex and Kallamacka, has filed a copyright suit against Pacific Sun Entertainment over the alleged infringement of 17 videos.

"Pacific Sun still continues to sell my movies even after the DVD distribution agreement had been officially terminated," producer Torsten Falk told XBIZ. "This is a violation of my copyright."

Falk last year inked a deal with Pacific Sun for exclusive U.S. distribution of the Spritzz line, which is known for its "high production values, unusual locations and the ability to present fresh talent" in the youthful skater-type category.

"The lawsuit against Pacific Sun Entertainment is about the fact that I did not get paid for DVDs sold by Pacific Sun," Falk said.

"[Pacific Sun] ignored all our attempts to reach a resolution and stopped all
communication several month ago, and I had no other choice other than to file a complaint."

Pacific Sun distributes DVDs and operates a VOD site, as well as an affiliate program, The company is based in California.

While the initial complaint is not available at post time, a report on the copyright determination in the complaint alleges 17 videos were infringed upon.

Those videos, owned by Falk and currently pending at the Copyright Office, include "Drawn to Fuck (Fickrausch)," "Berlin Youngsterz," "Spritzz Dot Com," "Million Dollar Boy," "Cock Attack (Schwanzangriff)," "Liquid Heat," "Straight Secrets," "Cam Shooterz," "Cock Hungry Dudes (Fickleisch Deluxe)," "Willing Young Men (Jung & Dauergeil)" "Sextasy," and "Fuck Me Harder."

Additional titles named in the complaint include "First Date Fuck," "Sperm Factory," "Fresh Sperm Shooters (Junge Spritzer)," "Cum Guns Reloaded" and "Young Cocks — Hard & Juicy."

Officials at Pacific Sun were not reachable for comment by XBIZ at post time.