Synergy Erotic Debuts In-Store Plan-O-Grams to Boost Brand Awareness

LAS VEGAS — Synergy Erotic has created a set of plan-o-gram packages made exclusively for adult brick-and-mortar retail to allow the full Synergy Erotic line to be displayed in the most effective methods available.

The new marketing materials are a natural extension of the brand’s updated corporate identity with color and design elements that cohesively merchandise Synergy’s variety of products.

“The method of operation with our plan-o-gram system is to work directly with retailers to develop products and packaging that fit their needs, not ours,” Synergy Erotic CEO Bob Wolf said. “My years in wholesale and retail have taught me a great deal about the traits I do not want introduced into the Synergy line, and one of those traits is the sense of ‘forcing’ product on retailers.”

Each plan-o-gram is constructed and available for customization according to retailers’ needs. Rather than creating a single universal unit, Synergy Erotic provides customers with numerous choices in their configuration.

“Historically I have found plan-o-grams are designed and sold with the manufacturers’ best interests in mind, stuffing in as many stock numbers as possible, which is great for the manufacturer but seldom beneficial to the retailers,” Wolf said. “When a retailer has a limited amount of space with which to work, why try and push some over-stuffed display on them? It doesn’t make economic sense to invest in a display that holds more than you can realistically display, nor does it help our brand in the long run. Synergy Erotic maintains the ethos of working WITH the customer, not as an adversary.”

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