Avelli to Resume Canadian Distribution

BURLINGTON, Ontario — Avelli, Inc. announced that it has resumed exclusive Canadian distribution of its Lover’s Choice and Ophoria brands.

According to the company, the return to its roots was initiated in order to ensure quick turnaround time and excellence in customer service for its Canadian clients. Avelli previously worked with MJM as its Canadian distributor, while the Avelli U.S. division was being mobilized.

“We have been evaluating this move back to distribution in Canada and increasing our Canadian sales and service team,” Avelli CEO Randall Hughes said. “We are very grateful to MJM for their assistance in supporting our Canadian distribution while we transitioned into the US market. Now that Avelli is successfully ensconced in the U.S. market, it is time to get our Canadian distribution back to basics, as part of our global initiative to support our Lover’s Choice and Ophoria brands.”

According to Michelle Johanning, Avelli’s vice president of sales, “There are so many advantages to doing business directly with our Canadian retailers and partners and I look forward to working with each of them to ensure that we continue to enhance the passion and romance of everyday, loving couples. Our retailers and distribution partners understand their clients better than anyone and we intend to listen, understand and meet their needs in the intimate lifestyle arena.”

For more information, visit AvelliBrands.com.