JT Joins PornTube.com

Lyla Katz

LOS ANGELES — DreamstarCash, the people behind PornTube.com and 4Tube.com,  among other traffic properties, today announced the appointment of tube operator known as JT.

JT was a founding member of YouPorn.com in late 2006 and served as director of global business until  May 2011.

JT, known to many as the YouPorn Guy, was the face, eyes and ears of YouPorn and responsible for the monetization of the company's user base.

"I am very excited to be back in the hot seat,” JT said. “Steve Matthyssen, the founder of DreamstarCash has assembled a dream team that shares my vision and passion.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can do in 2012.”

Since the Gals4Free days, Matthyssen has worked with content producers and currently manages around 110 million monthly visitors.

“We’ve spent most of 2011 developing PornTube.com and preparing for growth so the timing could not be better,” JT said.

The first product JT plans to launch in January under the PornTube.com brand is a Content Publishing Program.

"I was taken aback when I was shown the CPP Platform they’ve developed,” JT said. “This takes the ground breaking content partner program that we successfully operated at YouPorn for more 2,000 sites to a whole new level. It is an editor’s dream."

JT will be attending Internext Jan. 16 in Las Vegas. He will be moderating the panel for Biggest Tube, Biggest Traffic, Biggest Profit.