Jopen Reports Record Sales

Ariana Rodriguez

CHINO, Calif. — Jopen has declared Intensity a bestseller based on consumer demand and record-breaking sales.

“Intensity is exceeding all expectations. The first production run sold out faster than anyone could have imagined. Before the second batch was even available we started getting re-orders,” said Susan Colvin, President and CEO of Jopen. “I’ve never seen such a response to a single pleasure product during my 18 years in the industry.”

Jopen said that it is allocating extra resources to keep pace with demand. The company also offers a display that includes a tester so consumers can explore Intensity before purchase. It has a preloaded digital screen that shows animated product information. It also includes a conversational segment hosted by the company’s resident sexual health and wellness experts, Ryan and Jessica, which helps educate the consumer. Displays are free when four Intensity products are purchased.

Jackie White, vice president of sales for Jopen, says, “because Intensity is a product with a lot of nuances and specialized features, educating the consumer is incredibly important. That’s why we offer the free display; it sells Intensity for you! Remember, the displays are available for a limited time. Once they are gone, they are gone. I encourage interested parties to act fast.”

Jopen recently uploaded an Intensity testimonial to Jopen’s You Tube page. It provides a first-hand review of Intensity. Retailers and online stores are free to embed it or link to it, the company said.

To educate consumers about Intensity the company launched the Intensity Insider Program. It targets consumers through an integrated SEO marketing and public relations campaign. The landing page provides the public with information about Intensity, Kegel muscles and are invited to become Intensity Insiders.

Al Bloom, the director of marketing for Jopen, says, “We send our Intensity Insiders regular email updates. Since they are driven to the Intensity Insider landing page through SEO, we educate them not only about the product, but about Kegel exercises. Insiders are also subscribed to an e-newsletter and given information about our Sexual Health and Wellness blog. They are also entered to win a free Intensity which will be awarded right before Valentine’s Day. The Intensity Insider campaign has doubled Jopen website traffic and there have been over two million impressions through our social media advertising.”