Clinical Dermatological Test Rates Pjur Med Premium Glide

Ariana Rodriguez

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — Over a period of four weeks, 20 male and female atopic dermatitis patients used the pjur med Premium glide in a clinical-dermatological test, which resulted in positive reviews for the lube.

The participants all applied the product at least once a week on their intimate area.

“Pjur Med Premium Glide helps to alleviate skin problems and soothes skin irritations, reddening of the skin, or itches, so even people suffering from such ailments can enjoy sex without pains or itches and make intimate togetherness a pleasant, sensual experience again,” the company said. “It is particularly important for people with atopic dermatitis that their skin is relaxed, and with the Pjur Med Premium Glide, the risk of infection of the stressed skin is also minimized.”

According to the company, the participants of the test had atopic dermatitis without eczema and, going into the test, they all stated that they suffered from symptoms such as strong itches, reddening of the skin, scaling, dryness of the skin and severe pains, particularly during intercourse.
“Already after the first week, the participants found that the symptoms had improved considerably,” the company said. “After day 21, all the test persons stated that they no longer suffered from any of their complaints and that the symptoms had improved 100 percent.”

“We are in touch with many people with skin problems, and they told us about their relief and about the positive experiences they have made with our products,” said Alexander Giebel, CEO and founder of pjur group Luxembourg S.A. “All that was missing was confirmation from an expert or an independent institute, so we commissioned the renowned Dermatest Institute in Münster to carry out this test series. We are very proud of the results and will continue to recommend our product to people with skin problems.”