MSC Innovations to Exhibit at XBIZ Retail, ANME Shows

LOS ANGELES — MSC Innovations, the makers of the StreemMaster brand of hygiene products, will be exhibiting at the ANME and the XBIZ Retail show in Burbank, Calif.

“We at MSC believe that the client or consumer are the most important factor in any business, so at the show we are rolling out our brand new look with recycled material packaging and our new product the Hydra 250,” the company said.

The company said its products are made of high quality healthcare and medical grade materials.

“Continuing with our famous shower model and our customized mini douche both have been renamed but maintain their unique designs and quality,” the company said.

The shower douche is now the Hydra Premium Shower Douche and the mini douche is now the Hydra Elite. The company said its Hydra 250 is now at a lower price and accessories for the product include replacement nozzles, travel bags and deep clean nozzle for the advanced consumer.

The company said a show special will be available to all existing clients.

XBIZ Retail takes place Jan. 9-10 at the Burbank Marriott Hotel.