BonoboCash Unveils New Version of

MONTREAL — has unveiled a new, upgraded version of its website.

"Squirtz has been creating exciting solo content since 2002," said William Godin, director of marketing at BonoboCash.

"And to celebrate our 500th model update in November, we are unveiling a fully updated website interface with great new features for our customers and an appealing new tour look that our affiliates are going to be very excited about."

Godin said that Squirtz has been shooting in HD for quite some time now, and this new version of Squirtz has been designed from the ground up to take the best advantage of this high quality video.

"With this new version of Squirtz, we paid great attention to the big screen but that doesn't mean we've forgotten the small screen," Godin said, adding that Squirtz is fully compatible with mobile devices including iPhone and iPad.

Kinsey Russell, one of the producers of Squirtz, said that despite the big facelift of the site, the aspects of Squirtz that viewers have loved over the years will not change.

"Viewers are still going to see a hot guy every week and as usual, they are going to get a really complete and intimate portrait of that guy,” Russell said.

“The difference is that, with this latest version of Squirtz, they'll be able to see him much better."

Over the past ten years Squirtz has been the launch pad for the careers of various performers’ such as Pierre Fitch, Manuel de Boxer, Jessy Karson, Alexy Tyler and Jeremy Roddick, who all did their first videos on Squirtz.