Male Power Releases Bamboo Collection

LOS ANGELES — Male Power has released the Bamboo Collection, which is made from bamboo fabric.

“Bamboo fabric is a natural textile hewn from the pulp of bamboo grass. Its growing popularity stems from the fabric’s many unique qualities. Resembling cotton, bamboo fiber is very soft and can be worn directly on the skin,” the company said. “It is light and strong, has excellent wicking properties, and is highly sustainable. It also contains significant antibacterial qualities that fight germs and odors, and are retained through multiple washings.”

The Bamboo Collection consists of five different garments: jocks, low-rise shorts, thruster bikinis, lounge pants and micro thongs. Each design features a green leaf design, and is available in either black or teal.

According to the company, the Bamboo Collection was a hit at the September International Lingerie Show.