Earthly Body Introduces New Flavor, Adds New Massage Travel Kit

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Earthly Body introduces Gushing Grape flavor to its Edible Massage Oil collection, while adding a 50 piece travel size assorted Edible Massage Oil Basket to the erotic line.

Gushing Grape is now available in an 8 ounce size, as well as a travel 1 ounce size exclusively for the new 50 piece variety basket, which also includes watermelon, cherry, strawberry and vanilla.

“Earthly Body’s Edible Massage Oil is a delicious way to put the 'play' back in foreplay and add some flavor to the bedroom,” said Georgene Smith, national sales manager at Earthly Body. "This slick and sexy massage oil can be chilled or heated to ignite the passion in adventurous and sensual consumers everywhere."

Earthly Body said the Edible Massage Oil uses hemp and other quality natural skin oils to provide professional slip and penetrating softness.

The company said it is 100 percent natural, cruelty free, and does not contain petroleum, parabens, or animal ingredients.