StreemMaster Releasing the Hydra 250

Lyla Katz

LOS ANGELES — is set to release the Hydra 250 on Dec. 15.

The Hydra 250 is the latest product offering for the hygiene solutions company and is a rectal, anal douche bulb for irrigation and cleansing.

It is made of Phthalate and Latex Free Type 2 Medical Grade PVC. Included with the Hydra 250 is one 70mm seamless Polypropylene Medical Grade nozzle for easy lubricating and comfortable use with water and has a .250ml capacity.

“It is the perfect economical hygiene option with a simple yet functional design,” the company said.

“Whether for hygiene, a medical condition or for sexual intercourse, StreemMaster can make it easy, comfortable and give the confidence needed for any situation. The StreemMaster products were created for a method of cleaning your bowel easily, quickly, while removing some the dangers that existed with old designs in the past.”

The Hydra 250 is available in black and wholesales for $7.48.

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