Classic Erotica Releases Max 4 Men Line

Ariana Rodriguez

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Classic Erotica has unveiled the Max 4 Men line of sexual grooming products for men.

“Max 4 Men is the only collection of male grooming care on the market that is infused with pheromones and high quality ingredients,” Classic Erotica Vice President Loren Levy said. “Each product in the line was carefully tested and researched to provide a premium product for our customers. This collection will be a game changer in the industry, and we’re so proud and excited to release all the items into the market.”

The Max 4 Men line of pheromone-infused body/sexual care products designed and formulated for men’s grooming, performance and pleasure, the company said.

The collection includes Max Shave Total Body Rash-free Shave Crème, Max Shave Balls N All Rash-free Shave Crème and Max Protect Balls N All Moisture Control Balm, among other products.

For more information, call (818) 773-4211, or toll-free at (800) 497-7749.