Pink Visual Enters Final 2 Weeks of API Developer Contest

John Sanford

LAS VEGAS – With just over two weeks left in the PV API Developer Contest, Pink Visual is reminding developers to submit their creations by Dec. 23, 2011.

“We’ve received some outstanding submissions so far and there’s still time to get your apps and sites submitted for approval before the contest closes,” said Pink Visual Marketing Director Lea Busick. “Of course, whether you submit the winning app or not, the products and properties you create using PV API have money-making potential as tools for promoting Pink Visual, so even if they can’t meet the deadline for the contest, we encourage developers to continue submitting new apps well beyond December 23.”

Despite the participation of experienced mainstream developers, two of the best submissions to date have come from veteran adult industry developers, Busick said.

Christopher O’Connell of Saguaro Digital has created a utility that allows easy integration of PV API and Wordpress, which enables non-programmers to make use of the API, too.

“Christopher realized that while it is very useful to programmers, making use of our API was going to be a real challenge for bloggers who don’t have much programming knowledge,” Busick said. “So, he stepped to the plate with something that opens up the API to a whole new universe of webmasters, which is exactly the sort of innovative thinking we were hoping to see from PV API developers.”

For his part, O’Connell said it was nice to see an adult company offer developers the opportunity to work directly with its content and data – something far more common in the mainstream tech sector.

“It has been a pleasure working with a tech-forward company like Pink Visual and I have been thrilled to be one of the launch developers for the Pink Visual API,” O’Connell said. “The PVAPI brings the same kind of interactivity and integration to PinkVisual as has long been enjoyed by developers on mainstream tech platforms, such as Yahoo!, Facebook and Twitter.”

O’Connell’s plugin can be viewed at

Another ‘Chris,’ better known to most industry forum users as TheDoc, created a free video site using PV API, which displays content from a wide array of categories and Pink Visual video lines, taking full advantage of the API’s flexibility and the wealth of content and data it offers. TheDoc’s handiwork can be seen at

“TheDoc’s site and Christopher’s utility are radically different from each other, obviously, which just goes to show the scope of the possibilities presented to developers through PV API,” Busick said. “We’ve just begun to scratch the surface here, and we look forward to more great submissions in the weeks ahead.”

The winner of the PV API Developer Contest will be flown to Las Vegas for Pink Visual’s “Pron Party” on January 10, or can opt for a $2500 cash prize in lieu of the trip to the Strip.

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