Convictions for DGirlsCash Operator, Accomplice

Rhett Pardon

MIAMI — The operator of and an accomplice were found guilty Wednesday of a combined 32 charges against them on charges they lured and drugged women and later made them unwilling porn stars.

Jurors in Miami convicted Miami Vibes President Emerson Callum, who operates, markets the "DCashGirls" line of DVDs and performs under the stage name Jah-T in such movies as "Jamaican Stallion" and "Miami's Nastiest Nymphos 1-5."

Callum was convicted of 14 of 18 counts relating to conspiracy, human trafficking and distribution of Xanax between May 2006 and February 2011.

His accomplice, Lavont Flanders, was convicted on all 18 counts of the same charges.

Both were convicted in three hours of juror deliberations.

Callum and Flanders both face life in prison when sentenced Feb. 16 before U.S. District Judge K. Michael Moore.

Seven women came forward to testify in the trial, all claiming that they were lured by mainstream modeling enticements on the Internet.

But instead of promises of getting sweet gigs, like starring roles in movies or the face of alcoholic brands, the women allegedly were plied with booze and Xanax and later were filmed having sex during auditions.

Flanders and Callum worked together at least nine times, with Flanders communicating with the women online and later meeting them, according to the indictment.  

Flanders, who used about a dozen aliases in the scheme, was accused of giving the women spiked drinks as part of the audition, while Callum was accused of having sex with the women, while Flanders filmed the acts, which were taped at Miami Vibes Enterprises offices in Miramar, Fla.

The sex tapes ended up being sold on DGirls-related websites.

In a separate $10 million civil suit against the men and Callum's company, a Jane Doe said she found out about her porn appearance after she was contacted by her agent who asked her why she didn't tell him that she appeared in pornography.

"Shocked and confused, Jane Doe informed her agent that she had never appeared in pornography," the suit said. "Jane Doe's agent informed her that there is a hardcore pornographic video of her available on the Internet."

The agent later brought the videotape to Doe's house to view. On the video was Doe with Callum.

"Jane Doe watched the video of her with Edward Callum, realizing for the first time that she had been raped by Callum during one of the auditions," the suit said.