Exxxotic Toes Launches New Foot Fetish Line

LOS ANGELES — Novelty company Exxxotic Toes has launched its new foot fetish line, the Sole Stroker.

The Sole Stroker was created by Mansour J. George. The mold for the toy was made from his wife’s feet.

“Foot fetishism is the number one fetish in Western society, but unfortunately, sexual fetishes are not always mutual between sexual partners,” George said. "People with a fetish are often embarrassed or shy about their interest, and sometimes they’re even ostracized because of it. This is where Exxxotic Toes comes in. Our mission is to provide high-quality, life-like sexual stimulation aides for those of us who gain sexual pleasure outside of what has been deemed normal.”

The toy is made from a special, soft flesh-like material.

The company seeks to promote mature fetishes shared by couples as they heighten their sexual experiences.

For more information on the Sole Stroker or Exxxotic Toes visit ExxxoticToes.com.