iCollection Lingerie Rolls Out New Collections

Ariana Rodriguez

ALHAMBRA, Calif. — iCollection Lingerie has followed up the release of its latest catalog, which debuted at the International Lingerie Show in the fall, with a new holiday catalog.

iCollection Lingerie’s 2011 collection featured more than 60 new styles of sexy lingerie and bedroom costumes, in both boxed and hanging varieties. The company’s new 2011-2012 Holiday/Valentine’s Collection features more than 30 pieces in a variety of colors, including red and royal blue.

According to iCollection Lingerie Vice President Andrew Lam, the company first debuted three years ago and has seen significant growth.

“We have kept profit margins low and passed this on to our customers,” Lam said. “The quality we offer at the price we charge is perceived as a tremendous value. This is incredible important with the struggling economy. iCollection is looked at as great value for the money. We stayed true to our origins by offering great quality, really elegant and sexy styling on hanging goods. That is where a great portion of our growth has come from and why our name is so quickly spreading.”

iCollection Lingerie serves a variety of retailers, ranging from large adult chains such as Cindie’s, Lover’s Lane and Fascinations as well as the individual boutique such as and Spice2night.

“We were just picked up by TrashyLingerie.com and that really says something about how fast our line is growing and how well it is performing,” Lam said. “iCollection does quite well in every type of store. We have an extensive hanging lingerie line that works incredibly well for the traditional lingerie store. We also have increased our packaged line which works really well with adult retailers both the individual as well as the large chains. We have paid special attention to our photography which has really helped us retail on ecommerce sites. iCollection is perceived as a great value for a quality garment and that seems to translate very well through every type of store.”

For sales, call (626) 282-9822, or email customerservice@icollectionlingerie.com.