NBC Series ‘Community,’ ‘Saturday Night Live’ Feature Coquette Costumes

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario — Recently Coquette Masquerade costume styles M6020 the Devil and M6031 the Cop, were featured on “Community” and “Saturday Night Live” respectively.

For the Halloween special of “Community,” the main character Dean Pelton played by actor Jim Rash wore the Devil costume. The halter dress is intricately made with fishnet and lycra and enhanced by the lace-up front, fishnet sleeves and a tail. The piece comes with a horned headband and mini pitchfork.

“We were proud to have ‘the Dean’ wear our sexy Devil costume that is traditionally a woman’s. To see it represented on him was absolutely hilarious,” said senior designer Elaine Carson. “It shows the versatility of our pieces and how a little creativity can result in a completely different look.”

Emmy-Award winning late-night showcase, “Saturday Night Live” main actors Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis wearing the Coquette Masquerade’s male Cop costume. A lycra shirt featuring PVC detailing and badges. The costume comes complete with a police hat and handcuffs.

“For ‘Saturday Night Live,’ a household name, to feature one of your outfits is an extreme honor,” said Marcus Horea, vice president of sales and marketing. “It was great to see how they incorporated our pieces in a comedic way.”

Coquette’s Masquerade Collection ranges from career themes, animals, costumes for couples, super heroes, retro characters and role-play outfits.

The company said it is ecstatic to have two of its costumes featured on NBC.