AHF Says Adult Film Permit Ballot Qualifies; $85 Fee Proposed

Rhett Pardon

LOS ANGELES — The AIDS Healthcare Foundation reports that it has 64,000 signatures to qualify a citywide ballot initiative over the issuance of adult film permits in the city of Los Angeles.

The proposal would require safe-sex porn as a condition of getting a filming permit in Los Angeles.

Enforcement, AHF's Michael Weinstein said, would be paid by fees for film shoots. Weinstein said the AHF estimates the fee to be about $85 per shoot.

Weinstein that the city could authorize the initiative in 20 days.

Advocates from FAIR (For Adult Industry Responsibility), a campaign to shepherd the ballot initiative, needed at least 41,138 qualifying signatures by Dec. 23 to place the measure on the June 2012 ballot, AHF said.

Diane Duke, executive director of adult industry trade group Free Speech Coalition, said that the group Is opposed to mandatory condom regulation.  

"History has shown us that regulating sexual behavior between consenting adults does not work," Duke told XBIZ. "The best way to prevent the transmission of HIV and other STIs is by providing quality information and sexual health services.

"If condoms were mandatory existing testing protocols would likely disappear. The protocols that are in place are here to protect the performers and successfully do so."