PwnedByGirls to Do 'Cheer-tastic' Event Tuesday

John Sanford

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Alana Evans and PwnedByGirls on Monday announced they will do a "Cheer-tastic" gamer session for their next live video-game streaming event.

Set for 6 to 8 p.m. PST this Tuesday at, the free video stream features adult stars playing new video games and old classics while they narrate for the viewers.

The Pornstar Gamer Girls will be playing a cheerleading game called "Let's cheer!" on the Xbox Live Kinect. The new game from 2K Play is a motion sensor game where the ladies will be learning and performing cheerleading moves. To make the game play more interesting, the Porn Star Gamer Girls will be dressed as cheerleaders, complete with pom poms and pigtails.

PwnedByGirls, which is powered by Pink Visual, also added two new gamer girls to their roster, punk rock bad girl Daisy Dare and Australian hottie Kelly Surfer. They'll join Head Gamer Girl Alana Evans for the cheerleading action.

Dare and Surfer, both good friends of Evans, are also avid gamers. Both ladies are big Call of Duty players, so Evans said there's a chance the cheerleaders will also play some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as well.

The ladies play on Xbox Live as superpinkninja and pwnedbygirls. They encourage fans to send friend requests so they can play along in the multi-player session to offer the full interactive experience.