Private Plans on Releasing More Titles Each Month

Rhett Pardon

BARCELONA — Private Media Group says it plans on racheting up the number of DVD titles it produces each month despite a shrinking physical-product marketplace.

The adult media giant expects to release at least five new titles and one archival title each month — 72 a year — a substantial increase from its 60 releases this year.

In 2010, Private released 71 titles.

"During 2011, the DVD market for adult content has continued to shrink, with sales for our physical products declining by 37 percent," Private CFO Johan Gillborg said in a report on third-quarter earnings. "However, the DVD has by no means disappeared even in this competitive landscape.

"The content providers who manage to survive the current market climate will control the DVD market going forward."

Private, which recently was delisted from the Nasdaq Stock Market and now trades on Over-the-Counter Markets, reported a net loss for the three-month period ending Sept. 30 of $1.75 million compared to a reported net loss of $3.5 million for the same three-month period ending in 2010.

Private, founded in 1965,  is a brand-driven leader in adult entertainment, operating a global content distribution network with a wide range of platforms including over the web; broadcasting via cable, satellite, digital TV and IPTV on 194 platforms in 42 countries; mobile content delivery via 114 network operators in 37 countries; and retail sale of DVDs and magazines.

Private trades at 15 cents a share, down three cents, on Over-the-Counter exchange.