Webmaster Central Says iPads Used More for Gay Content

Bob Johnson

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — A new study by content provider Webmaster Central found that iPad users prefer gay content over straight.

According to the company’s internal statistics, only 4.18 percent of users connecting to its straight content library over the past 90 days are using the iPad to do so, but that number jumps to a whopping 24.47 percent when looking at device usage by users accessing gay content.

“Everyone knows a good mobile marketing strategy for adult content needs to focus on smartphones, but it might come as a surprise to many companies that the iPad is so popular with gay porn consumers," said Andy Alvarez, president of Webmaster Central.

He added, “I think these numbers prove that anyone who is focusing on the gay market needs to take a long look at tablets.”

The company maintained that mobile content is also on the rise considering the proliferation of new devices.

“With both device usage and device variety on the rise, leased content makes more sense than ever," Alvarez said. "It takes a considerable amount of time, effort and expense to optimize and display video content for all the different devices in use by today’s porn fans. With Webmaster Central’s leased content, this is all done for you automatically, which means you get to focus on driving traffic and making money.”

The complete device usage stats during the most recent 90-day period follows.

Straight Content: Apple iPhone (22.41percent); HTC EVO 4G (6.49 percent); Apple iPad (5.90 percent); Motorola DroidX (4.69 percent); Apple iPod Touch (4.05 percent); LG LS670 (1.96 percent); Samsung SCH-I500 Fascinate (1.93 percent); HTC ADR6300 Incredible (1.87 percent); Verizon; Droid (1.60 percent); T-Mobile myTouch4G (1.44 percent, and Huawei M860 Ascend (1.42 percent).

For gay content the device breakdown was: Apple iPhone (30.47 percent); Apple iPad (24.47 percent); Apple iPod Touch (6.50 percent); HTC EVO 4G (1.62 percent); Motorola Droid 2 (1.53 percent); Samsung SCH-I500 Fascinate (1.50 percent); Motorola DroidX (1.14 percent) and Samsung Galaxy Tab (1.14 percent).

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