Amazon Web Services Unleashes High Performance Cloud

Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — While you may not require a supercomputer to run your adult website, it’s nice to know that access to one is now readily available should you need it.

Although it is certainly overkill for most online applications, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the beta launch of its Amazon EC2 Cluster Compute instance, Cluster Compute Eight Extra Large (cc2.8xlarge).

“Like other Cluster Compute instances, cc2.8xlarge instances are optimized for high performance computing (HPC), giving customers very high CPU capabilities and the ability to launch instances within a high bandwidth, low latency, full bisection bandwidth network,” stated a post by Deepak of the Amazon EC2 Team. “cc2.8xlarge instances enable customers to achieve supercomputing class performance while continuing to take advantage of the elasticity, flexibility and cost benefits of Amazon EC2.”

While the company lists target applications such as physics simulations, seismic and genome analysis, drug and aircraft design, this high level of computing power could also be brought to bear on the development of next generation 3D virtual worlds, with haptic device integration and other advanced adult-oriented services.

For comparison with your current web hosting setup, the 64-bit cc2.8xlarge platform provides 88 EC2 Compute Units (eight-core 2 x Intel Xeon), with 60.5 GB of memory and 3370 GB of instance storage. Um, that’s a lot — and it scales rapidly up from there.

AWS’ cc2.8xlarge platform is reportedly rolling out of itsNorthern Virginia facility, with other locations coming online within a year.