Playboy Bunny Dealers Hopping Mad Over Firing

Bob Johnson

LAS VEGAS — Recently fired Playboy Club Bunny dealers at the Palms Resort and Casino are hopping mad.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that 12 Bunnies claim they were canned on Nov. 2 without notice and locked out for 90 days by Palms' management.

The group is planning on meeting today with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that investigates job discrimination.

Bunny Susie Wilcox said the girls were blindsided and said, “They told us a day before that we had a mandatory meeting. They said our position was being eliminated.”

According to the report, The Palms is replacing the Bunnies with contract dealers from other Vegas casinos because of Playboy’s strict requirements.

“I personally believe Hugh Hefner would be appalled,” Wilcox said.

“They’re changing the definition of what it is to be a bunny. To be a bunny was iconic, not attainable to any girl who wants to put on cuffs, and collars and their bunny ears. It’s more than looks.”

A source said. “There were issues” that prompted Palms' management to go with contract dealers.

The Bunny mom who was in charge of keeping Playboy’s standards was also recently fired.

Playboy's Club at the Palms opened five years ago and was the first to open in 25 years.