Possible Cal/OSHA Budget Cuts Could Slow Probes

Lyla Katz

SACRAMENTO — The state Department of General Services has revealed a plan to eliminate more state cars used by inspectors and consultants to perform worksite safety inspections and enforce health and safety laws.

The move could impact future inspections on film shoots including porn productions.

The cuts were announced at Cal/OSHA’s advisory meeting held on Nov. 3. Over the past three years, various agency’s resources have been cut such as losing cellphones, office space, 50 cars and now another 85 cars.

Cal/OSHA currently has 195 field compliance officers and 40 consultants doing field inspections, for a total of 235 field personnel.

About 15 years ago, every staff member working in the field had a state car but that has not been the case for years now.

Some political figures say taking away cars will raise several issues such as inspectors having to use their own cars or using a state contract to rent cars, all of which the experts say would be costly and less efficient than using state cars.