Sculpture of Sienna Sinclaire’s Vagina Now Available

VENICE, Calif. — A sculpture of Sienna Sinclaire's vagina is now available on her glamour website with a discount for members.

“I’ve seen it in pictures and imagined what it would be like to have for my own,” show host and reviewer Paulie K said. “Looking at that sculpture makes me want to get a day job. A man would remodel his entire living room around that beautiful piece, maybe his entire house.”

Click here to view the sculpture. To learn more about Sienna’s Naughty Tours and her upcoming book, "The Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles," click here.

“I love looking for new ways to please fans and to push sexuality as an art,” Sinclaire said. “This was something different for me and I think it came out really cool. I know someone is going to be very happy to have this in his or her home.”